5 Life Lessons from Freelancing – It’s Not Only about Work but to live a Life

February 14, 2021 admin

There were 2 major reasons when I started freelancing was because of some personal interest to increase my monthly income as the salary I was getting was not enough. However, it was the right decision to step into freelancing. It helps me to learn several life lessons from it… there’s nothing to get emotional here as these life lessons might help you to be a right person to contribute in the community… by bringing forging incomes to your homeland.

Here are the life lessons I have learnt in my 8 years of freelancing career…


Yes, patience this is what I have learnt from freelancing from my own experience and from my trainees whom I teach about freelancing. I had to wait for around 8 months to get my first project with continues bidding on a freelancing platform. The horrible thing about it is, I just lost that project very next day due to not being patience… however, that is a long story how I lost that, but the thing is I learnt patience from it.

When you struggle for a thing and get it in your hands and the next moment you lost it again, what feelings you may have? You can imagine yourself!

I kept myself patient and started bidding on the next projects, and the 2nd project was the one I got after the struggle of 2 months. During this time, I had to face some hurdles like the first one was from family members… like they say “why you keep yourself busy with a computer screen for hours”? They think I am playing some games or doing some entertainment stuff!

So, what I had to do while struggling for my first project being a freelancer, is to listen to my elders and stay calm. It was only patience that kept me quiet while I have nothing in my pocket to manage my study expenses.


Positive communication is a must-have skill to live with! It helps you stay happy and keep the people happy around you even when you have a conflict of opinion with them. Being freelancer, you have to communicate with the people who are living in different countries, and they have different interests. When you communicate with them, it will defiantly help you to become a better communicator. Thinking about how?

What you will do is, as they are living in a different country having different time zone so, you will be adjusting your time as per their availability along with managing your language according to them. For sure, you will be communicating with them in English, but it is not necessary they will be from an English speaking country like the USA, UK or Canada. They can be from any Asian or European country. For such people you have to adjust yourself in the way you communicate with them.

You have to help them to make them understand what you are saying by using the easy words if they are from a non-English country. Because “the purpose of communication is to convey our message not to show our vocabulary”.

Time Management

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” – Mother Teresa

Being freelancer what I do is to do my freelance tasks on the time when the clients require, as it helps me to work round the clock. I don’t have to work from 9-5 and stay in front of my screen. What I need to complete the work within the given deadline without having the pressure to complete before 5pm.

Freelancing is a business, so sometimes you have to follow very tough deadlines given by the clients, as no one is going to work with you if you don’t benefit their business.

When it comes to start freelancing, time management can be one of the hardest things to stick with. You have to differentiate between your professional and personal work routine, especially when you are working in your home office.

So, what can be a solution to this problem? Just make your daily schedule and stick with this, the incredible thing in freelancing is you set your schedules as per your other chores…


Yes, its consistency that I learnt from freelancing. I am not a person with an excellent educational background, so it was not my cup of tea to have a highly qualified job as a lecturer in a top university of the country. However, the time passes, and now I am standing at the place where top university professors are now.

No, I am not saying that I am a university professor, I train the people who have already spent at least 4 years of their life among the university professors, and some of the university lectures got me as their trainer to help those learning new skills to increase their monthly income.

I never consider myself their teacher as I was never as good in studies as they were. Still, I put several years (days and nights without enjoying weekends or holidays) to polish my skills and stick myself to the industry I started working back in 2011 and still connected with it along with transferring the skills I have.

Be Up to Date

When it comes to freelancing, here’s the quote that fits this industry “It’s not enough to be up to date, you have to be up to tomorrow.” Yes, this is another lesson I have learnt from freelancing if we stop learning, it will get harder to survive in the industry.

So, it doesn’t matter which industry you are working in; you have to stay updated with the latest or upcoming trends and technology being used in your era.

The way I was working in 2012 is not more useable to earn a livelihood. As I am a blogger and content marketer things, I use to apply to rank my websites are not working to rank today’s websites. I had to learn a lot of new software and techniques being used for the ranking a website on Google.

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