How to Start Your First Blog with No Money and No Experience?

March 03, 2021 admin

It’s just an experienced based blog about starting my first ever blog when I had no money and experience!

Okay, it was an education blog that I started around in 2011 just after knowing there’s a thing called blogging and we can earn money from it. That’s all I got to know about a blog and online earning.

Was that enough to get started with my online career? Absolutely No!

So, what I did, start searching over the ways to earn money online. It was Google that helps me a lot to answer my questions. One of them was blogging. Those days I was the student of my Master degree and choose blogging over education, to help people knowing about the admission process of different universities.

You might be thinking about… why did I choose to blog and why on education? Because…

To get admission for my Masters’ degree, I had to do a lot of research about the different universities, where I can get admission in my required course and most importantly under my budget.

Is my story getting longer…? Might be yes, but let me continue, please… because this is what I am trying to help you motivate, why you should start a blog and in what niche you can do blogging?

So, we were at my budget, due to some tight financial condition I did search the universities offering the course I was in need to get admission in under the budget I had. At least I managed to find a university. So, when I got to know there’s a thing called ‘blogging’ to earn money from, the research that I did for my masters’ degree admission hits my mind.

That was the moment when I realized I should start blogging in what I know about and I should help the people like me.

A tip before we start blogging – know your target audience

We should know our targeted audience to create content for, because the content is the one thing that can boost or ruin your blog ranking. The more informative and original content you will produce the better results you will see.

In this way, I was more curious to create quality content because, actually I was my targeted audience, as I had experienced the same thing that I was thinking students might be facing.

This was the reason that motivated me to research and writes the most informative content for my blog’s audience. So, before you choose any niche for your blog, it is necessary to know to whom you are going to write for?

If you have heard about the term, ‘empathy’ must think about it before writing a single line of your article. It helps you to know will this content helpful for your readers or not, are you putting the information in your article that they need or these are just filled with words?

What about Domain and Hosting?

To get started my budget was under $10; it was not possible to get premium hosting and TLD (Top Level Domain) for this price. I searched a lot for several hosting plans and cheap domain name, as I said cheap domain name it was that helped me to get a domain registered in just $3. Those days they introduced a new TLD that was.INFO so I choose that for my educational blog for only three bucks for a year.

Now, the question was where to get hosting for only $7; I choose Blogspot the Google’s free portal to start our blog I chose the same domain name with a Google’s free TLD and redirected the mine.INFO domain to the .BlogSpot.Com and saved those seven bucks as well.

Thinking about, how I did that? Watch this Tutorial:

Today, WordPress is one of the best ways to start blogging today, as it is easy to use and offers best value CMS with a bundle of themes and easy customize options.

How I generated Content for my blog?

We all know a blog’s sole is its content. I simply started finding admission news in top universities of the country and start putting information over my blog about every university admissions. The information source was the famous education websites also the newspapers. When there’s no news about the admissions, I simply write some educational tips and some listing articles about the top universities for different degree programs. So, it keeps me updated on a daily basis.

Promotion is the key to every successful blog

Here’s what I did for the promotion of my blog, I was not very good at SEO but know the value of link building and social sharing. Both of these techniques help to promote my content and started getting organic traffic (traffic from google/any search engine) and social media. For link building, I joined some educational forums and blogs and started to drop my links on in those forum threads and under the blog posts through comments. For social sharing Facebook groups of my niche and the blog’s page helped to get some visitors from this source.

Final words

Do you think it is unrealistic? If yes, study more blog written by other bloggers, on the other side if it seems possible it helps you explore a new way of online earning even when you have no money and experience. It is google that can be your best teacher and business partner as well. So, take the first step by registering the first domain name of your interest and give your thoughts a shape using your blog.

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